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Kitoxan® by Latoxan
The first natural library of venom fractions for Drug Discovery and High Throughput Screening (HTS).
Venom fractions are all biologically active,
screen them on your own models
Venoms are a unique source of High Therapeutic Potential Peptides selected by Nature over hundreds of millions of years for their highly specific activity on a wide variety of pharmacological targets: nervous system, muscle, hemostasis, kidneys, heart, blood circulation, ion channels… Several molecules from venom origin have undergone clinical development in the fields of cancerology, pain relief, diabetology, hematology, cardiology, multiple sclerosis…

Your next blockbuster may be in KITOXAN®
A new facilitated access to thousands of potential leads
LATOXAN, the leading world supplier of venoms, created KITOXAN®, the first Libraries of venom fractions, to give a facilitated access to venom molecules and allow the effective activity screening of these natural compounds.

Despite their promising future in Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science or Cosmetics most of them are still unknown. Because pure venoms are made of hundreds of active molecules, and because they contain some cytotoxic enzymes that prevent the use of ex vivo activity screening methods. the hit identification was arduous.

With KITOXAN® all obstacles to the investigation of venoms have now been removed
A real capacity to resupply
With most species kept in our facilities and with our capacity to fetch animals from the wild throughout the world, LATOXAN has a real capacity to resupply venoms or fractions that will have been found active.

Don’t get stuck with non-reproducible findings
A Library of Natural Compounds
A recent survey* showed that out of the 1184 new chemical entity drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration over the last 25 years only 30 per cent were from synthetic origin. The others were all obtained from natural sources or chemically designed to mimic natural products.

Nature remains the best source of new chemical entities for drug discovery
* (D.J. Newman & G. M. Cragg. Journal of Natural Products Reviews, 2007)

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KITOXAN® Product Description
Venom fractions
Venoms have been cleared from molecules over 10 KDa (cytotoxic enzymes) to make the fractions compatible with screening on cell lines. Then, each venom has been split up in 20 fractions by HPLC. Each fraction is expected to contain 5 to 10 peptides at a ~10 µmolar total concentration on average when diluted in 100µl. Each well-plate contains 80 fractions from 4 different animal species. Fractions are lyophilised and can be diluted in DMSO or in a water/acetonitrile solution.

The Kitoxan® Libraries
Our venom fractions are available in the form of Libraries of 5 96-well plates grouped in a cristal plastic box containing all information. Each Library contains venoms from 20 different species, and a total 400 fractions.

Each venom is documented with its HPLC Chromatogram profile.
A data sheet is provided including a detail of each plate map.
Hit-to-lead services
Beyond the supply of KITOXAN®, LATOXAN also proposes complementary Hit-to-Lead services in order to facilitate the deconvolution of any hit that will have been found in the venom fractions :
  • A 12 month re-supply guaranty (same price)
  • Re-Supply of any single well (price per well/quantity)
  • Supply of pure venoms (our catalogue prices)
  • Supply of sub-fractions (price per well/quantity)
  • Molecule characterization
  • Molecule synthesis
  • Molecule purification from fractions

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